Birthstone for February ~ Amethyst

Amethyst  is one of the most recognized birthstones for February and the
accepted anniversary gemstone for the sixth year of marriage. Amethyst is a
quartz gemstone, and comes in shades of pale lilac to a blackish purple.
For centuries Royalty has used the color purple to symbolize
power and wealth and
Amethyst has been included in the ornaments of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians,
and in the British Crown Jewels

It is believed Amethyst has a mystical effects with the power to give
               Peace, Protection, Tranquility and most of all Great Healing
Many Magnificent Amethyst Gemstones come from all parts of our world
U.S., Africa, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia and India and are
designed into Fabulous Jewelry. Come see the treasures in
Fine Jewelry with the Birthstones of February
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