Over 30 years ago, Inverness
revolutionized ear piercing with the
introduction of its patented, fully
encapsulated ear piercing system.
This system remain the "only" fully
encapsulated sterile ear piercing
product in the world. This means the
earrings are kept sterile during the
entire ear piercing process.         
Inverness Corporation is proven to
be the safest, most technologically
advanced ear piercing system on
the market today.*
A Formal Regulatory Authority (ASA) Has Officially Ruled
That NO Other Products Meet These Safety Standards
Did you know ?
Our two ears are not exactly alike. They are different in
shape, even in the slightest amount. It takes a trained
eye to make sure that the ear piercing are even, not
only by dimension but also by the visual eye.
Did you know ?
The ears continue to grow as we age, so it is important
to make the piercing a bit higher in a younger person as
to ensure the holes will not be too low as time goes on.
Did you know ?
Some piercing establishments  have two people piercing
each individual ear at the same time. This is not
recommended due to the fact that each person is
piercing the ear at a different angel and this will effect
the way an earring sits in the ear.
Donna has been piercing ears at Design Wise for over
25 years. Her expertise and precision is right on target
Did you know ?  Ear Piercing is Free At Design Wise
with the purchase of the earring of your choice
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