The Art of Fine Jewelry Repairing

The art of Fine Jewelry Repairing done correctly has
many steps even for a small soldering job. To begin with
an item must be cleaned properly so that when heating
for soldering the accumulation of any debris from wear
might not be permanently fixated onto the metal.  All
solder used should be pure and clean of all other
materials so the solder points will adhere with a strong
bond free from any elements which would cause an
interruption of the bonding process.. As the final step
even the most simplest of repairs then should be
cleaned and polished to its original luster.
As like anything else in life there are always shortcut
that can be taken to save a penny or two at the beginning
but one thing is for sure, when we save that penny and
not have something done correctly we will spend that
extra penny soon after to either re-do or correct that
At Design Wise the pride is to do it right from the
beginning to end.
stone replacement, soldering, locks, restringing of Pearls & beads