The Seven C's of a Diamond Purchase
Jewelry Establishments have always enforced the 4 C's of a Diamond
But what about the other 3 C's . The three most important  C's which leads you to your decision of
purchasing a Diamond Engagement Ring The Three Most Important Elements of a Relationship
Color - Actually the refers to the lack of color.
The most beautiful diamonds are colorless
Clarity - Diamonds with the fewest birthmarks
will have the greater value
Carat Weight - Is the simple C. A carat is a measure
of   weight. 100 points makes one carat, the same way
100 pennies make one dollar.                     
Cut - A well cut diamond adds to its brilliance and fire
Commitment - A commitment as
your Jeweler ..and as a place you
are comfortable bringing your
jewelry needs to.
Chemistry - Chemistry between
you and the place where you
purchase your Diamond
Engagement Ring. Chemistry to
know you are always welcome
through our door, whether its for a
purchase of a Diamond or a small
Compatibility - Better than
compatible. Design Wise quality
and price structure will be very
difficult to match. Our service is
beyond compatible
So whether you are in the market for an engagement ring or any other Diamond
Purchase you will learn the true meaning of the Seven C's of a Diamond only at
Design Wise Fine Jewelry, Ramsey NJ