In life there are lessons we sometimes learn the hard way.
When you pay to little for something nine times out of ten you
are not getting what you think you are getting. Most people look
at only two factors when they are internet shopping for a
Diamond. They understand the Color Grade and Clarity Grade
and they take those two factors and start comparing the prices
from different Jewelry Retailers and people who call themselves
wholesalers. There are so many other factors in purchasing a
Diamond that determine the price. The technology to visually
compare one Diamond to another on the internet will
NEVER be the same as sitting down with a Jewelry Professional
and exploring the beauty of a Diamond.
Would you like to learn something?
All Diamonds are not alike. Each Diamond is as individual as the
person you are purchasing it for. There is a Human Factor to
each and every Diamond. Where on the internet Diamond Sales
does it teach you about truly evaluating the cut grade of a
Diamond? Cut has an important impact on price. Do you know
what these things are that effect the true price of a Diamond?
Off-Centered Cutlets, Non-symmetrical facet junctions, very wavy
girdles,large naturals, crown angles,pavilion percentages,
graining and fluorescence. A poorly cut, flat or deep diamond is
worth substantially less than a well-cut Diamond. No matter what
the color or clarity grade is. And last but not least, the Human
Factor. Internet Diamond Shopping only teaches you the 4'c of a
Diamond. We would like to teach you the other C's that no one
seems to want to talk about.
If you are interested in learning more
please contact us
you have nothing to lose, we don't charge
to educate you
~ nothing ventured nothing gained ~
Buying a Diamond on the Internet